UPMA National President Edmond Carly addressing the Ohio UPMA annual convention
UPMA National President Edmond Carly addressing the Ohio UPMA annual convention

<Retirees Corner
 Lou Stuckey
 There are a couple of important items for current and future retirees:  If you are going to St Louis check out these events;
 Sunday- 1:30-4:00 First business meeting 
 Monday-2;00-5:00 Second business meeting
 Monday- 12:00-2:00 Voting precinct open
 Tuesday -Free day
 Wednesday- Lunch at 12:30 (must be a registered retiree to attend or purchase ticket at time of registration)

 The last count I saw said there were 410 retirees registered. Come and join us!
 Retiree Hospitality Room Hours:
Friday 3:00-10:00
Saturday 1:00-3:00
Sunday 4:00-6:00
Monday Breakfast 6:00-7:30
Bag lunch 12:00-1:00
Supper 5:00-9:00
Tuesday Free Day NOT OPEN
Wednesday B-fast 6:00-7:30
Supper 5:00-9:00
Thursday B-fast 6:00-7:30

For those who are driving and would like to share your culinary skills with us and bring any of your creations to share with the hospitality room, please let us know what you are bringing and we will add it to our list. This will also reduce cost to hospitality expenses. For further information, you can reach us through the information below.
Jackie Gibson & Joy Reburn
Jackie 606-669-2565
Joy 270-635-1124
Please don’t forget that the retirees are supporting Veterans in Veteran’s homes by collecting stocking caps, gloves, and socks for them. Please bring them with you or if you would like to make 
a cash donation, you can send me a check made out to UPMA retirees and I will get it to the right place. Thank you!!

RETIREES HEADING TO ST. LOUIS: from President Mandy              7/12/2022

Whoo-hoo! There are 346 retirees registered for the national convention in St. Louis and 64 guests for a total of 410! I am so excited! Here is the tentative Convention Agenda which is subject to change, but go ahead and mark on the agenda that our first Retiree business meeting is after lunch on Sunday, 8/21, 1:30 – 4:00 pm, in Majestic A-D. Day two of the business meeting will be Monday afternoon at 2:00 – 5:00 in Majestic E-H. The Retiree Voting Precinct (new this year to simplify elections, details available later) is open on Monday from 12 noon until 2:00 PM. Our luncheon is on Wednesday at 12:30 pm. To attend the luncheon, you must be registered as a retiree for the convention, or provide the additional ticket purchased at the time of registration. Here is the St. Louis Registration Form. A tentative agenda of Retiree business meeting will be provided soon. Stay tuned for more convention information that UPMA Retired members will want to participate in. I am looking forward to seeing everyone!



Don’t forget to bring goodies for the Retiree Hospitality Room! What a great opportunity to share your culinary skills and bring any of your creations to share with the hospitality room! Just let us know and we will plan the menu accordingly! We are open most mornings for breakfast (and coffee!!!), several lunches, and a couple dinners. Here is the complete Hospitality Room Schedule. For more  information, you can reach us at: Jackie 606-669-2565, jackieg1952@gmail.com; Joy 270-635-1124, pmjlreburn@hotmail.com

This article was copied from the UPMA Gold Newsletter which is emailed to most retirees in UPMA. We are very close to reaching the 190 member co-sponsorship level that will automatically send the bill to the House Floor and begin debate on the issue. Right now we have several Congressman in Ohio who have yet to sign on to the bill. This past week, Steve Chabot became the 10th co-sponsor from Ohio. We need to keep up the momentum!


Congressman not yet co-sponsors:


Jim Jordon

Bill Johnson

Brad Wenstrup

Anthony Gonzalez

Mike Turner 

Warren Davidson


If you live or work in any of the above Congressional Districts, PLEASE contact their office and express your support for HR82 and urge them to become a co-sponsor of the bill.  This is the closest that we have come to fixing the Windfall Elimination Provision and Government Pension Offset (WEP and GPO) which severely affects millions of government retirees and their families.


Thank you!!!

Retiring ?


The link below is an older article, but still very timely. Once you open the link, the additional links on the right side are current with tons of good info for FERS and CSRS employees who plan to retire in next few years. Many thanks to Bill Tierney for providing the information. 



We are currently experiencing high call volumes and longer than normal wait times on the Retirement Information Office Toll Free number (888-767-6738). Our highest call volume is on Monday and Tuesday mornings. If you would like to minimize your wait time, consider calling the Retirement Information Office outside of these hours. Our hours are Monday - Friday 7:40AM EST to 5:00PM EST. As long as you are in queue at 5:00PM, your call will be answered. Also, consider using our Customer Support Center at www.opm.gov/support/retirement/, contacting us via email at retire@opm.gov, or our self-service tool Services Online at www.servicesonline.opm.gov.


RETIRING?   Copied www.myfederalretirement.com

Federal retirement expert, Ed Zurndorfer, outlines actions that FERS-covered employees retiring in late December 2020 or CSRS/CSRS Offset-covered employees retiring in early January 2021 should consider performing to make sure their transition into retirement is as financially beneficial and smooth as possible. Click here for the  Checklist for Federal Employees Retiring in Late December or Early January


OR NOT RETIRING: copied www.myfederalretirement.com

Keep track of your 2021 leave with this handy calendar downloadable in PDF. 2021 Federal Leave Chart / Record / Calendar  


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