Your Ohio Chapter President Alan Metzgar at our Carreer seminars
Your Ohio Chapter President Alan Metzgar at our Carreer seminars

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Minutes of UPMA Ohio chapter convention at Berlin Encore Hotel, Berlin Ohio 


June 11, 2022
The meeting was called to order at 9:30 am by president Lou Stuckey
Invocation by Earl Mottashed
Pledge of Allegiance led by Mike Samendinger
The minutes of the October 6, 2021, fall luncheon meeting were read. A motion to accept minutes was made by Dave Chenault, 2nd by Joe Klucho.  


President Lou Stuckey announced that Earl will no longer be our chaplain.  Lou thanked Earl for all he has done and his many years of service.  
A proposed chapter by-law amendment was submitted and read yesterday.  The amendment is to change the term year for the retiree officers to match the national UPMA proposed by-law amendment.   Lou read both the national and chapter proposed amendments for the 2nd time.   A vote was made on the national by-law resolution.  It was unanimous in favor.   Lou suggested perhaps we should wait to see if the national by-law amendment is accepted before amending ours to match.   A motion was made by Judy Anderson-Knitz, 2nd by Deb Justice to vote on the amendment to the chapter by-laws.  The amendment passed.   
Lou read statements from national retiree candidates Bill Tierney and Louisa Nix who are running for national UPMA retired treasurer and Rosa Gonzales running for national UPMA retired secretary. 
Treasurer’s report was given by Tracie Gebhart.  Motion to accept this report was made by Bob Smith, 2nd by Deb Justice.  At the conclusion of the meeting the board was reminded that the treasurer’s report should be “filed for audit” instead of being accepted.
The fall luncheon will be at Der Dutchman in Plain City on October 5, 2022.  
Lou mentioned she attended the Indiana chapter convention. The Indiana retirees have a 3-day retiree meeting.  There was talk about old IKO meetings and discussion on proposing a joint meeting.  Decided to discuss further at the fall luncheon.  
Lou previously spoke with parliamentarian Jordan Davenport because reimbursement of the expenses of retiree officers is not written in our by-laws.  The retired president’s expenses are covered by the active chapter but the retired vice president and secretary or treasurer are not. The current retired board must make the decision themselves if they will reimburse any of their own expenses.  Lou feels this should be a written rule, so it doesn’t appear improper when reimbursing yourself.  Lou suggested we could follow Indiana and establish a financial policy.  Lou read the current wording in our by-laws.  There was discussion on the floor.  Lou suggested we take it to the fall luncheon. A committee was formed to review and present their opinion at the luncheon.  Committee members will be Hazel Boettcher, as chairman, Deb Justice, Anita Rieger, Bob Smith.  
Rita Schemmel spoke on scholarship.  There were only 2 applicants this year so 1 scholarship was awarded by the active chapter and 1 by the retirees.  The retirees awarded a $1000 scholarship to Paige E Chio, daughter of Terry Chio postmaster of Continental OH.
Ted Gideon spoke on Legislation.  HR 3076 finally was passed.  Ted thanked everyone for helping get this done after so many years of trying.  Ted handed out informational papers on how the changes to the health benefits will impact retirees.  Retired premiums should go down and still have the same benefits.  Effective January 1, 2025, those under 64 must sign up for Medicare part B.  After the law is enacted, you must be in Medicare to qualify for FEHB.  We need to continue our efforts on HR 82.  It has 279cosponsors, 9 from Ohio, but needs 290.  If your representative is not a sponsor, please contact them to ask for their support.
Edmund Carley spoke to the retirees and encouraged all to attend the national convention in St Louis. PMG Dejoy gets some credit for Postal reform.  Dejoy will not likely be recalled.
Lou introduced Anita Pfeiffer, national UPMA treasurer and thanked her for joining us.  Anita gave pins to the 1st time retirees here today.  She said the national office is talking a lot about membership. We need to recruit new members including associate members.  UPMA manages a scholarship fund.  The scholarship amount is dependent on funds raised each year.  Currently it is at $12000.  UPMA is starting a patron recognition program based on contribution.  Anita passed around a sign-up sheet for the UPMA Gold emails and “In the Mailbox” publication.  Anita reminded everyone of the veteran’s project at the upcoming St Louis national convention, “dress a vet from head to toe”.  Please bring hats, socks, gloves to donate to veterans in St Louis or a check payable to UPMA retired and they will purchase the items to donate for us.   
Sara Kreitzer welcomed our 1st timers Andrea Leyes and Deb Justice.  
Sara spoke on membership.  She has been getting the non-member report.  If anyone would like to visit offices to recruit members, you will be reimbursed for your travel expenses.  Rail cards for recruiting are available if interested.  Cheryl Torok said her “work children” are being told to join NAPS.  Edmund Carley explained that UPMA defense is better. NAPS has a disciplinary fund they pay for.  NAPS cannot represent you for MSPB. UPMA is offering 1-year free membership plus great training.
Bill Landman and his wife were in a car accident if anyone would like to send a card.
Motion to adjourn by Anita Rieger, 2nd by Deb Justice.   Meeting adjourned at 11:09 am
Election of officers
It was overlooked during the scheduled business meeting that the secretary and treasurer term is expiring, and an election needed to be held.   A 2nd meeting was called, and a vote was made.   Tracie Gebhart was elected treasurer with a term January 1, 2023 to December 31, 2024, and Debbie Justice was elected secretary with a term January 1, 2023 to December 31, 2024.  

Immediately following this meeting. the officers voted to reimburse the VP and treasurer for room expenses at this chapter convention.  VP Sara declined having had no expenses this time.  
The treasurer’s books were audited by Dave Chenault and Doris Conrad on June 11, 2022.  

Respectfully submitted,
Tracie Gebhart
Ohio UPMA secretary/treasurer

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