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UPMA Ohio Chapter

The Ohio Chapter held their 8th annual State Chapter Convention May 30 -June 2, 2024. 


We conducted the business of the Chapter, held State and National elections, held a very successful PAC auction, and provided training.

     PSHB was the hot topic this year. We were so fortunate to have the National Retiree President, Charley Peters, along with his beautiful wife Anita with us the entire convention. Charley is our National representative (expert) for PSHB. He provided so much information and clarification. We were also able to have our HQ's professional, Karla Kirby and her TEAM Zoom in with us. She had a great Power Point and answered questions after. I discovered that all active employees will have required training to take on PSHB through HERO in the near future. I hope that the rest of the membership felt the way I did that Charley and Karla clarified so much. 

     We voted Tony Leonardi in as National President, by acclimation. Congratulations to Tracie Gebhart as the Retiree Secretary/Treasurer. Bill Judge was elected as the active Secretary/Treasurer. Bill is recently retired. Congratulations to Patty Schag who was elected 1st Vice President. Congratulations to Alan Metzcar who was elected as the second Vice President. 

Your Ohio Executive board and retirees work so hard for all of our membership. I cannot extend my appreciation enough to all of you. 

      I must thank Betty and Mike Wilson for once again running the most popular part of our convention. The hospitality room was beyond awesome. Thank you both. We love you. 


    Many items were discussed throughout the convention. It seems there are some issues with Postmasters getting paid for delivering mail. This will be addressed to the appropriate leadership. There are also issues concerning medical restrictions on EAS carrying mail. Some mysterious things are going on with Postmasters auto rings being populated to LWOP. I am trying to get to the bottom of this. It's odd that this has never happened before. Times are tough and the environment continues to worsen. Please if you feel disrespected reach out. I have no problem addressing the concern. The mistreatment, expectations outside of job duties, yelling, cussing, and overall disrespect must stop. I have seen more EEO's filed than ever before. It is just wrong. Unfortunately we do not have the grievance process, but we do have a process. Please don't allow yourself to be disrespected. 

      The National convention is our next main event. It is at Caribe Royale in Orlando Florida. There will be great business sessions, fantastic guest speakers, and wonderful entertainment. Ohio has a stipend for those attending the entire convention.  I look forward to seeing you there. 


Ohio is hosting the Central Area Officers Summit in Canton Ohio this year. It is September 20-22, 2024. The Ohio Chapter could really use help for this event. It will take an army. Please reach out to Alan Metzcar or Patty Schag to offer assistance. Phone numbers and emails are listed in this edition of Postscripts. 

Closing with a favorite quote...."What you do has far greater impact than what you say." Once again I appreciate all of our membership who continually work towards the betterment of our organization. 


Mari Beth, President



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