Your Ohio Chapter President Alan Metzgar at our Carreer seminars
Your Ohio Chapter President Alan Metzgar at our Carreer seminars

UPMA career development : e-career training

                  The Ohio 1 District held their 2023 Career Conference

                    at the Akron Public Library on April 1, 2023.

No April fools day joke, it was a huge success for the USPS and UPMA

     Our State President, Alan Metzcar, Paul Joseph, Retired Postmaster of Celina Ohio, and his beautiful wife Chris, manned the table all day. There was constant traffic at the table the majority of the day. Together they signed up 30 new members, mostly associates. Special thanks to Edmund Carley for offering rebates to our new and old members. That was a huge bonus. 

     There was much conversation in regards to what UPMA does for their members. Our District Manager  commented on how much she appreciates partnering with UPMA. At the end of the day, UPMA's newest member was the Master of Ceremonies of our event. Mr. Richard Clark, Postmaster of Canton Ohio, joined our premier organization. 

     The Career Conferences are now managed through Headquarters. Ohio 1 was one of two to be first.  Sioux Falls held theirs on April 1, as well. Focus was on us to see how it worked. Ohio 1 was so fortunate to have a great HQ's team join us. Mr. Simon Storey, Vice President of Human Resources was our keynote speaker, and he was amazing. We were so fortunate to have our previous District Manager  Mr. Todd Hawkins, who now is Sr. Director of Processing Operations,  in attendance, and as a bonus, he spoke as well. 

     The Headquarter masters of this program, were there to monitor how it went. They will use our event to see what worked and what did not. It was such a pleasure to have Mr. Jordan Driscoll and Mr. Chris Atchley from Headquarters who we have been working with us for months. They assisted in many areas, which was so much appreciated.

     My Employee Development Team, along with our HR Manager provided a very successful event. From our Headquarter guests, to our attendees provided so much positive feedback. We incorporated so many additional bonuses for our attendees. The networking was incredible. We partnered Spotlight speakers with leadership that could help them with their careers after the Spotlight panel provided feedback. I have three new employees to coach, mentor, and develop. 

Our informational booths were such a success and many of them provided give aways. The USPS Team provided giveaways as well. I believe we had 3 external vendors and 15 informational USPS booths.  NAPS, UPMA, and A-Plus were our external vendors. I actually had to assist one group with getting copies of their applications because they had so many joining and they did not bring enough.  That is just awesome!


Mari Beth Kirkland                                                           4/5/23

Mark your calendars for the upcoming career conferences in your area..


MARCH 12,2023. Canton Old Plant Cleveland Ave Canton Ohio 10 -2


April 18, 2023  Youngstown P&DF


APRIL 1, 2023 Career Conference  Akron Public Library 


Are you wanting to learn how to advance in your career? Do you have an employee that is interested 
in getting into management? The Northern Ohio District 1 has started the Career Workshops to help you with 
your Hero Profile. They are providing the Red Pen test for you to help you get your application in top notch 
order for an interview. They are also providing Mock interviews with questions you will hear during your interview. The first Career workshop was held in Cleveland at the Administration Building on Orange Ave on 
Sunday January 8,2023. 
These workshops are on your own time but provide a wealth of knowledge to help you advance in 
your career. You have an opportunity to network with individuals from the district office as well as talk with 
others from offices that are there learning as well. 
During these events we have an educational briefing to give you an idea what is going to happen during the day. We have staff there to help you with your Hero Profile and will guide you through the process. 
We also have others there ready to assist you with your Mock Interviews and the Red Pen Test for your application.
We also have representatives available from both management organizations so you are able to get information and decide which organization you would like to belong to.
The organizations that are there are the United Postmasters and Managers of America (UPMA) and the 
National Association of Postal Supervisors (NAPS).
Please watch for further Career Workshops and plan to attend.


What is e-career ? We're glad you asked
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Postmaster Paul Joseph leading the presentation at the eCareer workshop

Attendees of the Findlay eCareer Workshop had their ecareer profiles critiqued and attended mock interviews in preparation for advancement opprtunities 


Jordan Davenport

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