The future is now... Get behind the wheel of UPMA
The future is now...Get behind the wheel of UPMA

The UPMA 2024 Legislative Summit

Edmund A. Carley

Mon, Nov 6, 11:18 AM (1 day ago)
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I wanted to let you know that registration for the UPMA Legislative Summit is now open. You can register for the summit by visiting


This is an excellent opportunity to learn about critical legislative issues and network with our Congressional Leaders and other UPMA Members.


Don't miss this opportunity to lobby for UPMA Members on Capitol Hill.

       The UPMA 2023 Legislative Summit      Scroll down for the information you need

CONTACT REPRESENTATIVE ASAP: from Dave Cook- UPMAR Legislative Chairman

H.R. 82 Social Security Fairness Act 0f 2023 now has 177 cosponsors 124 (D) 53 (R). UPMA Legislative Summit will be held March 19-22, If you are attending contact your Representative to make an appointment with them or their aides. If you are unable to attend the Legislative Summit please contact your Representative's local office and ask them to sign on to H.R. 82. More Information go to: and





Lisa Koprivec,

Postmaster Holmesville OH 44633

meeting with our PM General

Megan Brennan

Retired Postmasters Sarah Kreitzer and Anita Rieger meet with Congressman Jim Jordan during the 2020 Legislative Summit.


Jordan Davenport

we are on Facebook too;

UPMA Ohio Chapter

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