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MEMBERSHIP                                                                                                                        June 11, 2024

Just a note to update date everyone on the Membership of the Ohio Chapter and the goals that was set for us this year. Ohio has 514 Post Offices in the State of Ohio that have a potential member or more in them. 


We have 323 Member Post Offices 

   191 Non-Member Offices 

   13  Manager Members 

   244 Supervisors Members 

   150 Associate Members 

    5 Postmaster Reliefs 

   292 Retiree’s 


Total Active Members 584 

Total Members 1048 


Membership drive standings: 

    We have signed up 50 new Active members this year, which is 33.78 of our Goal set by National.  We need 98 more EAS signed up by December 31, 2024, to meet our goal of 148. 

    We have 30 New Associate Members signed up which is 51.72 of our Goal set by National. We need 2more Associate Members signed up to meet our goal of 58. 


Recruiting new members is just not the job of the members of your executive board of this Chapter.  These goals are set for the membership to achieve.  If you are a Postmaster with Supervisors in your office, they can be members.  If you have 204b’s that are craft Employees, they can be members. We still have incentives that you can receive if you sign up as a new member.  The Chapter will pay you $50 for any member that you sign up. So please if you have questions n membership, please reach out to a Board Member and we will help you sign the member up.  With everyone’s Help we can reach our goal by December 31,2024 



Alan T. Metzcar 

Immediate Past President 

Ohio Chapter UPMA 


Baltic 43804 

Stone Creek 43840 

(330)827-0137 Cell 

(330)275-9020 Work Cell 




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