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 UPMA Gold is an electronic newsletter providing information about our members, details about UPMA events, current status of legislative issues, and urgent requests as needed. Subscribers receive UPMA Gold in email in-box with no specific due-date. Frequency is determined by amount and timeliness of news that needs sharing, usually couple times a week. Content is provided by UPMA members, national UPMA leaders, and UPMA National Office. All UPMA members are eligible for free subscription. 

To subscribe, send full name, chapter, and email address to Linda Carter, e-mail coordinator, at upmagold@gmail.com. OR, using Smartphone, TEXT the word UPMAGOLD (one word) to 22828, then follow the prompts. You will be added to the UPMA Gold network immediately. (No member is added to the network without request, and email addresses are never shared.)


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