The future is now... Get behind the wheel of UPMA
The future is now...Get behind the wheel of UPMA

United Postmasters and Managers of America exists to support our membership through communication, education and representation.

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UPMA Grows & Protects Postal Leadership Careers
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The United Postmasters and Managers of America invite all Postmasters, Managers, Supervisors and other USPS employees with the goal of being an EAS employee to join us. In these uncertain times it is even more important that you belong to an organization that is working for the rights of all EAS employees and that will keep the needs of all UPMA members at the forefront of its mission.

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Today, The Postal Service formally advised UPMA that these proposed modifications to the PFP payouts for FY 2023 will become official.
     UPMA was consulted and agreed with the PFP adjustments as proposed. We want to show our gratitude for the continued collaboration to recognize further the efforts of Postmasters, Supervisors, Managers, and all other EAS covered by this program.
     In that vein, we look forward to further discussions on salaries, pay bands, and benefits between now and the end of the year. We believe that together, we can take more steps, like this one, towards fully correlating duties and responsibilities with pay and benefits.
     Understanding that pay talks will likely not begin until 2024, we appreciate Postal Leadership’s continued dialogue in this regard.
Edmund A Carley
National President

                                              Open the link below for the PFP Matrices


PFP Matrices final 2023[25304].pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [252.1 KB]



July 2023 Appointments:


Richard A. Davis                                                 Toronto Post Office

Sheryl A. Hines                                                   Frazeysburg Post Office

Christine M. Tinell                                               New Lebanon Post Office

Kimberley M. Walker                                           Fairborn Post Office

Nathan Wolfe                                                      South Webster Post Office

Benjamin A. Markovitz                                        Cassstown Post Office


August 2023 Appointments:


Nicole L. Goist                                                     Sycamore Post Office

Rosslyn R. Trusnik                                               Sandusky Post Office

Charles R. Riley                                                   Cuyahoga Falls PO

Ryan A. Brandow                                                 Girard Post Office

Elmer W. Ault                                                       Mainville Post Office

Krysta P. Weinstock                                              West Lafayette PO

Sierra L Smith                                                       Vandalia Post Office


Please take to time Congratulate these newly promoted Postmasters


As many of you and your members have discovered, we migrated to a new website this past week.     With this migration there has been a change to the login procedures.   You no longer need to have two logins; one for the website and one for your membership information, the only login you need is your username and password that you previously used to access the “member login” portion of the website.      Also, if we do not have a valid email address in our database, you will not be able to gain access to the website.

Breaking News  dec. 20, 2023; The UPMA continues to fight for and protect members

Edmund A. Carley <>
Dec 19, 2023, 8:18 AM (11 days ago)
to Information

I wanted to share the following example of why our Legal Defense fund is the industry standard. This email is from Tamika; I have redacted it to protect client confidentiality.


Good Morning,


I hope this message finds you in good spirits. I want to share that in the Upma Member matter, we have reached a settlement with the Agency for the following:

There is a global resolution of all claims/complaints/appeals. 2. The Service will remove the Notice of Proposed Removal and Letter of Decision on the removal action from the eOPF. The appellant will submit their retirement request, effective Date 99, 9999. 3. They agree they will not apply for or accept future employment with the USPS for at least five years from the date they sign the agreement. 4. Change LWOP to paid administrative leave from Month 99 to the removal date. 5. $4500 attorney fees


Facts of the case:

This was an unlawful suspension case for more than 14 days. First Last was an EAS-17 Supervisor of the City State Post Office. Beginning from Date 99, 9999, for more than 30 continuous days, the Agency placed Member on Leave Without Pay (LWOP). Additionally, the Agency put them on LWOP for 24 hours in the Financial Year (PP) and for 24 hours in the Financial Year (PP).


Additional Info:

First, although the Member's LWOP status that led to unlawful suspension began in April, the Agency paid them in February and March. We were able to get the Agency to go back and pay them for all the time they were on LWOP in January, too.


Second,  The UPMA Member was not eligible for Adverse Action Legal Defense representation in their removal claim. Still, we were able to reach a settlement in his unlawful suspension case that included what they wanted for the removal, too.


Current Update:

We have sent a check to UPMA in the amount of $4500 for reimbursement of attorney fees.


Tamika Sykes


So, there is no comparison between the NAPS Disciplinary Defense Fund and our Legal Defense Plan.


"Together We Can"


Edmund A Carley  National President


There are 191 countries that make up the Universal Postal Service.

The USPS delivers 40% of the worlds mail.

We are the most efficient.

We are the most trusted.



Jordan Davenport

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