Welcome to the Ohio Chapter of the United Postmasters and Managers of America.
       Welcome to the Ohio Chapter of the United Postmasters and Managers of America. 

FEHB OPEN SEASON: Opens 11/13/17 - 12/11/17
Open season brochures are being mailed to retirees the week of October 23. In the first week of November, OPM will provide detailed 2018 information, along with online brochures and plan comparison tools to help employees and retirees make their decisions.


NAPS Leg/Reg Update - October 26, 2017 

Big Cuts in Civil Service Retirement Benefits Defeated ... For Now

Federal and postal employees dodged a bullet aimed at their retirement benefits when the House of Representatives today refrained from including any retirement benefit cuts in the final version of the Fiscal Year 2018 budget resolution (H Con Res 71). 

The House of Representatives approved the FY 2018 budget resolution on a 216-212 vote, following the Senate’s approval last Thursday of the same budget resolution on a 51-49 vote. 

No instructions are contained in the budget resolution that would reduce federal and postal employment benefits, a remarkable outcome compared to President Trump’s proposed budget and earlier House action.  

President Trump’s proposed budget, sent to Congress last spring, would have imposed nearly $150 billion in retirement benefit cuts.  The Trump budget would have: eliminated annual cost-of-living increases for FERS retirees; lowered COLA’s for Civil Service CSRS enrollees by 0.5 percent; increased employee retirement contributions by 1 percent every year over the next 5-6 years; and eliminated annuity supplements for FERS retirees who stop working before they are eligible for Social Security benefits.


Bruce Moyer, NAPS Legislative Counsel



The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) will soon be issuing every Medicare beneficiary a new Medicare card, without Social Security Numbers to prevent fraud, fight identity theft, keep taxpayer dollars safe, and to help ensure that CMS always puts the needs of patients first. CMS will begin mailing the new cards to people with Medicare benefits in April 2018 to meet the statutory deadline for replacing all existing Medicare cards by April 2019. In addition, people with Medicare will also be able to see the design of the new Medicare card in the 2018 Medicare & You Handbook. The Medicare & You Handbook is mailed to all Medicare households each fall.  You can also sign up to get the Medicare & You Handbook electronically at MyMedicare.gov. Want to learn more about the new Medicare card?  You can stay up-to-date by reading this month's USPS Retiree E-Newsletter at KeepingPosted.org .


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