Thank you, Ohio Chapter, for being great hosts of the UPMA 5th National Convention
 Thank you, Ohio Chapter, for being great hosts of the UPMA 5th National Convention 

Employee Talking Points: Safety

The COVID 19 pandemic continues to be something that we need to continue to monitor on a regular basis.   In most areas of the country we have the public areas reopening and expanded opportunities for eating in restaurants and going to other public events and to public areas.   Remember to keep your employees informed about what the restrictions are in your particular area and locality.   Encourage them to practice safe social distancing, use masks whenever called for, or when it makes them feel safer and to always wash their hands on a regular basis.   With this reopening and some expanded testing, we have a rise in the number of cases in many areas.   Again, it is important that you are taking the precautions that you feel are necessary for you and do what you feel comfortable doing for yourself and your family.


Jordan Davenport

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