Our Chapter Convention is July 18-19, at the Dawson Center in Columbus OHIO, We'd love to see you there. Thank you for your efforts during this difficult time. Deliveries matter, but so do family and employees
                      Our Chapter Convention is July 18-19, at the Dawson          Center in Columbus OHIO, We'd love to see you there. Thank you for your efforts during this difficult time. Deliveries matter, but so do family and employees 

Employee Talking Points: Safety

Driveway Safety and Service Committments
Some alarming statistics in Northern Ohio, are, 1583 accidents in FY 2019. 812 of those accidents were recordable. 670 of these involved LLV’s. Most of these accidents involved, hitting a stationary object. Northern Ohio’s accidents cost the USPS $48 million in FY 2019.  
There has been confusion in the Northern Ohio District, in regards to carriers entering driveways. A service talk was sent out addressing carriers responsibilities, and driveway safety. I was contacted by the Manager of Operations Program Support, and the District Manager, to get some messaging out in regards to this SOP. 
The service talk is titled, “Accuracy and Integrity-Delivering Parcels” The service talk reads “Avoid pulling into customers driveways, and avoid backing the vehicle, if at all possible.” Specific parcel delivery procedures are referenced in the PO-603, M-39, and M-41. “Avoid” and “Don’t” are being confused in understanding this policy. 
Carriers are messaging to their customers, that they are not allowed in their driveways, and that customers have to come to the Post Office to get their packages. Carrier pickups are being denied. The Postal Service is losing business, and will lose customer’s due to this. 

While it is every employees responsibility to perform their duties safely, we as Leaders in this organization, need to lead by example, and message the severity and awareness of backing and driveways. Please be aware, and message accurate data to your Team.   The customers are the heart of the business, without them, there is no business. Please look at the back of your paycheck stub, what does it say? From your customers. 
Please make the right decision, use common sense, and do the right thing. 







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