welcome to the OHIO Chapter UPMA The official hosts of the 2021 National Convention
             welcome to the OHIO Chapter UPMAThe official hosts of the 2021 National Convention 


The Juneteenth Holiday

Postal position on the new Holiday
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FY 21 NPA Targets and Thresholds

June 4 National Office


NPA – The National Performance Assessment (NPA) and Pay for Performance (PFP) programs for Fiscal Year 2021 are still in somewhat of a limbo status right now.  In May, the NPA Matrix was put out for everyone to see and the targets were listed as to how the evaluations were going to take place.   The PFP Matrix, covering what raises would be offered in each of the now ten cells, was not “officially” released and is still being investigated at USPS Headquarters.   I have been told that the numbers will not be “official” until we can get some scorecards produced and we can see where people are currently sitting with regards to the goals that were rolled out almost nine months into the Fiscal Year.   I continue to work with the representatives at Headquarters to move things along so that people know what the goals are officially and what the end of the year “might” look like. I know it is frustrating and it is one of the issues that is being discussed on an ongoing basis.

Good afternoon!                                                                                        5/28/21

In the ongoing saga of NPA and PFP for Fiscal Year 2021, I am once again going to ask that everyone hold tight on what is happening for this current fiscal year.    

While the information has been shared based on what is still being considered, until we receive the official letter from the Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) Doug Tulino nothing is final for this year.    It is likely that this might well be the foundation for Fiscal Year 2022; however, we are still in the discussion phases regarding that issue in the pay talk process and for now that is where those discussions will continue to be handled.

As always, I am sorry that this is not finalized and while you should be aware of what is being considered, at this time know that we have nothing definite to report.


Daniel M. Heins
National President
United Postmasters and Managers of America

FY21 NPA Indicator Information Pages.zip
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FY2021 Scorecard_FINAL .xlsx
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Emergency Federal Employee Leave   update 5-6-21

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POSTAL RESTRUCTURE UPDATE: www.unitedpma.org                                   5/3/21

Doug Tulino, Chief Human Resource Officer and Executive Vice President, outlined the next phase of transforming the Postal Service including additional VERA opportunities in a letter dated May 3, 2021. It is posted on our website, www.unitedpma.org, or you can click below: 

Administrative Restructure Update 5-3-20[...]
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SUBJECT: Lateral Request from Field Executive Administrative Schedule (EAS) Employees 
 To HQ Positions ...Effective immediately, requests for laterals and downgrades from field employees, specifically employees in customer service and plant operations, and employees in non-impacted Headquarters (HQ) functions (General Counsel, Inspection Service) to lateral or downgrade into HQ positions should not be approved and will not be processed until completion of the 3 rounds of Reduction in Force (RIF) related job postings. 
Employees from RIF impacted organizations may continue to request laterals and downgrades. 


Open the following file to read the "Ten Year Plan"

announced by PMG DeJoy.

USPS_Delivering For America__FINAL.pdf
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VERA Information too


Posted by Frank Augustosky on 03/03/21


Today, the United States Postal Service has announced a restructuring of the Retail and Delivery Operations and Logistics and Processing Operations that will be phased in over the next couple of months. The below information and new information on these changes can be found on the www.unitedpma.org website under the Resources tab. Click on the links to open them 


Transforming the Postal Service-Restructuring Update from PMG


50 District - 13 Division - Final March 3 2021 (PowerPoint)


Interim Reporting Relationships for district restructuring (Excel)


VERA Information March 2021


From President Dan Heins

UPMA along with FebPoint will be hosting a WebEx information/training session this Thursday, February 11 at 7:30 PM EST. The information on joining the session and getting signed up is in the message below. We will be offering a second opportunity next Thursday, February 18 at 9 PM EST. That link is also posted on the website and I will send it out next week.


Title: How Do I Ensure That the Level of My Post Office is Correct? “Getting to Know the PS from 150”

Date: Thursday, February 11, 2021

Time: 7:30 PM – 8:30 PM – EST

Presenter will be Patty Traendly from USPS Headquarters Organizational Design Team to go over the PS Form 150.


Event address for attendees: https://ltcpartners.webex.com/ltcpartners/onstage/g.php?MTID=ef82a3fbe81f3a66ac9c8b45612819945


2020 Annual Leave Carry Over change due to COVID

below is the letter that Mr. Doug Tulino, VP Labor Relations at USPS Headquarters talked about in his presentation to the National Executive Board this past Monday regarding Annual Leave for 2020 and 2021.    (9-2-2020)    

With this approved change, non-bargaining employees will be able to carry over an additional 80 hours (640 total) this 2020 leave year and will be able to exchange (sell back) an additional 40 hours (128 total) in early 2021 as part of the Annual Leave Exchange program.

UPMA AL Carryover and ALE Exchange 2020 [...]
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Have you tried Informed Delivery ?

Once again at our National Convention we heard the PMG ask how many had signed up for Informed Delivery. She was encouraging everyone to get and use it. Check out www.usps.com today to learn more.                                                     8/19/19


Jordan Davenport


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