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September End of Fiscal Year NPA results

have been published.

PES system will be open on Monday, November 4, 2019

thru Wednesday, December 11, 2019. for FIELD UNIT MITIGATION


This is a time-sensitive process and it is imperative to review and submit all requests and required responses in a timely manner.

Please contact your PFP/PES Coordinator for additional information or visit the website at http://blue.usps.gov/hr/pay-benefits/policies-procedures.htm#pb-pp-pp


Fiscal Year 2019 Mitigating Factors Information Released. 

You will find two different pieces of information on the National UPMA website.    One has to do with the mitigating factors process and the other has to do with the mitigating factors submission timeline.


For more information visit the www.Unitedpma.org website.


Thank you


Frank Augustosky

Membership Director

United Postmasters and Managers of America


 UPMA provides training on Mitigating NPA factors on our website, www.unitedpma.org. Click on Resources, then Educational, and then scroll through the various educational resources to find the Mitigation module. You must be a UPMA member to access the training. Sign in requires your membership number and first two initials of last name. Your membership number is printed just above your name on label of each UPMA Leader magazine. Good luck!

It was announced today that our Postmaster General, Megan Brennan, has decided to retire on January 31, 2020.    While we wish Megan well in her retirement, I want to say personally and professionally that she will be greatly missed by myself and the UPMA organization.    Whether it was at one of our conventions, legislative summits, or any other meeting that she attended, or that I was invited to attend, I feel she was always gracious and open and honest with me and with us as an organization.   Megan always took extra time to answer questions, have her picture taken with groups, or individuals, and to make sure that as much as possible everyone felt their issues were addressed.   Obviously it is too early to know who the next individual to hold the title of Postmaster General of the United States will be; however, rest assured that I will work hard on behalf of UPMA to forge a partnership that is beneficial to both the members of UPMA and the United States Postal Service going forward.
Again, we wish Megan all the best and we wish her a long, happy and fulfilling retirement.

Dan Heins, National President                                                           10/19/2019

PMG Retires
United States Postal Service Announces R[...]
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 the Hatch Act

The Hatch Act restricts federal employees from taking part in political activity, defined as any activity directed at the success or failure of a political party, partisan political group, or candidate in a partisan race. 

The National Rural Letter Carriers' Association (NRLCA) membership has ratified a new three-year labor contract with the Postal Service. The contract covers approximately 131,000 employees represented by the union. Highlights of the agreement include annual general wage increases, a reduction in the employer share of health premiums, additional operational flexibility to use rural carrier associates, and enhanced health benefits for eligible non-career rural carrier employees. In addition, the agreement includes a comprehensive memo of understanding on the implementation of a rural carrier standards study. The new agreement runs through May 20, 2021. For more info: https://link.usps.com/2019/08/06/labor-deal-ratified-2/                                            8/19/2019

Redundant reporting

Plans are in place to create survays and action plans to help reduce our redundant reporting requirements. Stay tuned aand keep your fingers crossed.


A project from the Eastern Area Level will be looking to see how we can reduce some of the organizational drag that meetings/telecoms, emails, and reports have on our day-to-day operations.  This project is being sponsored at a national level by Mr. Dave Williams, our Chief Operating Officer, and in the Eastern Area by Dr. Joshua Colin, our Area Vice President, and Ms. Angela Curtis, our Area Manager of Operations Support.
The plan is to identify Non-Value Added (NVA) meetings, emails, and reports that ultimately take time away from engaging our employees and our customers.

 Please contact Mari Beth Kirkland at 440-821-4667 or email at: mari_kirkland@yahoo.com to give candid feedback. This is the only way that we can truly identify root causes to our organizational drag. Thank you advance for your assistance.                                      8/1/19


Headquarters developed a Lean Communication Team. Their mission is to reduce emails, telecoms, programs, and redundant reporting.

Mr. David Williams, COO, heads this up. Each district in the country has one UPMA member and one NAPS member.

      A survey went out for all EAS employees. We received hundreds of responses. This included alot of comments and suggestions. David Williams, COO, has determined that we spend 2 hours a day on emails, 2 hours a day on programs, and 2 hours a day on telecoms. 

     Northern Ohio District Manager, Sharon Young has been very receptive to this. She has instucted, all departments to quit sending out emails, except Safety. They will send emails to the POOMS, and the POOM'S determine what to send out. To date, on an average, Northern Ohio EAS employees are receiving 41 less emails a day. 

     The next project is eliminating surveys and survey content. We do not need to certify completion of duties a second time.  


In the future I will be working on reducing telecoms. 

Ohio Valley District team members are Karen Garber for UPMA and Chris Bruno for NAPS. 


Mari Beth Kirkland                                                                                              8/7/2019

Have you tried Informed Delivery ?

Once again at our National Convention we heard the PMG ask how many had signed up for Informed Delivery. She was encouraging everyone to get and use it. Check out www.usps.com today to learn more.                                                     8/19/19

UPMA Pay Package 6-28-18.pdf
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information on USPS phones
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Jordan Davenport


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