Thank you, Ohio Chapter, for being great hosts of the UPMA 5th National Convention
 Thank you, Ohio Chapter, for being great hosts of the UPMA 5th National Convention 

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The UPMA Fifth Annual National Convention

Congratulations Ohio, you built it…and they came. We hosted over 900 attendees at the UPMA National Convention at the Kalahari convention center and resort in the lakeside community of Sandusky Ohio. Postmasters, managers, retirees, their guests; spouses, children, and friends were here. By all accounts the Ohio Chapter’s presentation was a grand success.
    Our Chapter’s hard work and dedication was evident throughout the convention center. The behind-the-scenes preparations before, continuous efforts during, and wrap up at the convention’s conclusion were the culmination of two years of planning by Mari Beth Kirkland and Lou Stuckey with the support of 70 members and guests from Ohio.

While registration for the convention began Saturday morning, the three days prior to Monday’s official start were reserved for official meetings of the Executive Boards of the UPMA, UPMA retired and UPMA Auxiliary organizations. Break out sessions were held for Chapter Presidents, Secretary Treasurers, Editors, membership, Legislative and PAC chairpersons as well. There was even a session for the UPMA BRATS (Bringing Real Attributes to Society) the children in attendance.  
   In the evening our chapter scheduled classes in photography and fused glass jewelry. Members participated in a trivia night, took a sunset cruise, and were entertained by the dueling pianos of the Cleveland Keys.

Monday’s business session was highlighted by our Guest Speaker, Postmaster General of the United States Postal Service, Louis DeJoy. PMG DeJoy spoke to the issues of today’s Postal Service. While we are indeed the most powerful delivery network in the world, we are also burdened with 150 billion dollars of negative equity. His plan, “Delivery for America”, is a smart, intellectual, and forceful procedure to move forward into our future. PMG DeJoy stated he is committed to maintaining six-day delivery and the return to self-sustainability. Privatization is not a solution to the issues involving the postal service.
    In fact, he remarked that our competition should not be at our loading docks. We will rework the contracts with the competitive delivery services and capitalize on two day and next day delivery. We and we alone have the delivery network to do it. He believes that his plan is the operational solution to ensuring the United States Postal Service thrives.  
    PMG DeJoy opened the session to questions from the membership and continued to state that he is determined to optimize our service and maintain our workforce.

The four days of general sessions were devoted to the business of the UPMA, reports from officers, legislative teams, the Political Action Committee, and many others. There were awards for individual and chapter accomplishments as well as luncheons, dinners, a golf outing, and local tours. The convention culminated in the Grand Banquet Thursday evening. The evening concluded with a wonderful theme-oriented skit performed by your Ohio Chapter. Our convention co-chairs said goodbye to the membership and wished them safe journeys home.

The 2022 national convention will be held in St. Louis Missouri.

Have you updated your Post Office Alarm Listing.


If you have an alarm system, please update your contact list with Postal Inspector, Larry Macek. Email him your current contact list. His email is Phone number 216-443-4031. Contact lists are very out of date. Try to have three contacts available per office. Also notify NLECC at 877-696-5322 extension 2623.



The Postmaster Essentials

Level 18-20 Training program is being updated and refreshed. One of our Ohio Postmasters is working with, 3 other Postmasters, in the country, and Kayci McKinley, Training and Development Specialist at Norman Oklahoma. This is several weeks in progress with several weeks to come.

Once completed, a few Postmasters will meet to review, and then teach back the new program. The plan is then for the Postmasters involved to roll it out to the remaining TTT certified trainers for Postmaster Essentials. 

Exciting times ahead for this program. 

Postmaster Representation


UPMA has provided alot of representation lately in the Great State of Ohio. A few reminders need brought up. 

Postmasters get paid 8 hours a day. They need to work 8 or their direct report needs to know where they are. It is not okay to share passwords. Everything is transparent. It is easy to see who is off the clock and yet their logins are entered in the system. Be in compliance always. 


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