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Ohio UPMA meets with USPS Leaders

Betty Major, Green, Ohio Postmaster, and Mari Beth Kirkland, Middlefield Ohio Postmaster, met with several member of the Northern Ohio Leadership team. 

We explained that many of the topics that we covered are important to our positions, as Postmasters. The topics addressed were an accumulation of issues brought to UPMA over a period of time.  I have requested that the district, and POOM’s work with us in the following areas:

meeting between UPMA and Northern Ohio leaders
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Looking for help at the upcoming e-Career workshop in Cleveland on October 13th.

Have you signed up to help? We can use YOU!!!



Deb Justice, Zanesville OH 43701 740-359-5178 President, Ohio UPMA


or: Paul Joseph, retired, Celina  OH 45822 419-236-0166 Editor Ohio UPMA, and Career Awareness coordinator


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The Postmaster Essentials

Level 18-20 Training program is being updated and refreshed. One of our Ohio Postmasters is working with, 3 other Postmasters, in the country, and Kayci McKinley, Training and Development Specialist at Norman Oklahoma. This is several weeks in progress with several weeks to come.

Once completed, a few Postmasters will meet to review, and then teach back the new program. The plan is then for the Postmasters involved to roll it out to the remaining TTT certified trainers for Postmaster Essentials. 

Exciting times ahead for this program. 

Postmaster Representation


UPMA has provided alot of representation lately in the Great State of Ohio. A few reminders need brought up. 

Postmasters get paid 8 hours a day. They need to work 8 or their direct report needs to know where they are. It is not okay to share passwords. Everything is transparent. It is easy to see who is off the clock and yet their logins are entered in the system. Be in compliance always. 

Postmaster Training


The Northern Ohio District has completed all required Postmaster Level 18-Level 20 training. The district is down to training twice a year, newly appointed only.


The Ohio Valley District is working on getting their Level 18's and 20's trained. 


Mari Beth Kirkland has been working with Headquarters and the National Center for Training and Development rewriting and updating the Program. Once completed there will be a much needed updated version. 

Postmaster Essentials has been a very successful course. Feedback has been extremely positive from attendees. From Finance to ordering and everything in between is taught in this class. Complements such as " this is the best training I have ever had", is echoed often. 

Ohio won the National Convention !!!            

Paul Joseph is still trying to Retire


Applying to retire? Be sure to do this at least 13 MONTHS before you set a firm date because it will take HRSSC that long to unscrew your paperwork needed to retire. And how do I know all this?????
Because since July 1st which was supposed to be my ‘official first day’ of retirement, I have had exactly SIX phone calls from HRSSC calling and leaving a message on my phone because this was messed up or that was filled out wrong despite the previous instructions they gave me over the phone.  
They even called twice to apologize saying I was right and DID fill out two different forms correctly after they called and said I did it wrong.  Seriously?????   ( Good luck Paul)


eCareer Training


Paul Joseph, Postmaster of the Celina, OH, Post Office, is committed to the future of our organization through employee engagement and the development our people.  
 He is a partner with the Learning Development & Diversity team as they conduct eCareer Workshops that are held continuously throughout the district. In the six months prior to the career conference in June 2018, eight individual events were held, attracting approximately 450 employees. 
 Paul mentors as many of those employees as he can. Years of military service have honed his sense of accountability and dedication to a mission. He believes “it’s not an obligation, but a duty to mentor and develop others.” 
 Paul is also the management chair for the National Association of Letter Carrier joint task force. His commitment and passion to safety and our people is commendable. Paul is a champion for the people! He is a principled leader with a solid foundation built on integrity.


copied from the USPS

'The Leadership Moment'

newsletter, issue 44, August 2018.

OHIO UPMA eCareer workshop in Perrysburg
1st Regional eCareer WORKSHOP a huge suc[...]
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