welcome to the OHIO Chapter UPMA The official hosts of the 2021 National Convention
             welcome to the OHIO Chapter UPMAThe official hosts of the 2021 National Convention 

2021 Legislative Position Paper

position paper
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Will you be attending the 2021 Legislative Summit, September 26-29? It is time to reserve your room at the Hyatt Regency Crystal City, 2799 Richmond Highway, Arlington VA 22202, 800-233-1234. Use group code PSTI when making your reservation. The room rate of $179 will be honored until August 15, 2021, or until the room block is sold out, whichever comes first. Visit the UPMA website for the Summit registration form and to reserve a room online. (Note the room rate; registration forms and web postings are being corrected. The hotel link is correct.)  


POSTAL REFORM                                                                                         5/13/21

Breaking News—Our Washington, DC team heard from their contacts that Ranking Member James Comer (R-KY) has reached an agreement with House Oversight Chair Carolyn B. Maloney (D-NY) on postal reform. The Committee will likely mark-up on Thursday, May 13th. This has the potential to change, but we wanted to share the information with you as soon as we heard.


The legislation will include: elimination of the current pre-funding mandate of USPS healthcare cost, requires new postal retirees to enroll in Medicare (but optional for current retirees), requires preservation of six-day delivery, provides flexibility to the PMG to utilize ground transportation for cost efficiency and flexibility, and requires key progress reports to Congress on the PMG’s implementation of his reform plan. The latter point, requiring reports to Congress is a UPMA priority and one that we were successful in getting included in the Collins (R-ME)/Feinstein (D-CA) because it is important to a number of members of Congress to support this legislation.


UPMA has been consistent in promoting that any postal reform legislation be bi-partisan and able to pass the Senate with a filibuster proof vote. President Heins has engaged consistently with members of the House Oversight and Reform Committee to accomplish UPMA’s priorities.  

Daniel M. Heins

National President

HR 82 Windfall Elimination Provision       5/3/21

We finally have a chance at repealing the  Windfall Elimination Provision (WEP). We need everyone in the organization to put this on Facebook and SHARE, SHARE SHARE!

For Teachers, Postal Workers, State and County workers now is the time to tell your congressman to represent you and support the passage of HR 82.

Many will not know anything about the WEP until they get ready to retire and then it’s to late. The WEP in short says you can’t draw 100% of 2 Federal or State pensions. So the Federal Gov’t will reduce your Social Security by 2/3rd. Lets look at the math. You turn 65 and you receive a letter from Social Security that says you will draw $1200.00 a month. But oh, wait then they find out you worked for the Federal, State or County government and they will reduce that $1,200.00 to $396.00 and then you have to take Medicare out of that, a further reduction.

HR 82 will not eliminate the WEP, just refigure the penalty.


I’m an old retired Postmaster. I remember, I think it was Dale Goff NAPUS President 2007 that said “Let us do together what we cannot do alone”. Please show me that Postmasters still take care of their own and lets see this go viral.





Congress attempts Postal Reform...again                                       February 24, 2021

The House Committee on Government Oversight met today to discuss Postal reform and what would potentially be included in any proposed new bill. An outline of the discussion was provided to the public and it holds a few clues as to what the committee is focusing on that would provide relief to the Postal Service. 

     The first section of the outline covered service standards, performance targets and performance measurements. If I can translate the legal language, the committee is looking into ways that would streamline the methods in which the USPS would apply for changes to service standards and to make public any performance targets and measurements before they are enacted.

     The second part of the outline discusses changes to the health benefit plans postal employees and retirees are currently enrolled in. It would appear that a new Postal-only group of medical plans would be created using postal employees and retirees as the risk pool, potentially lowering premiums. The new plans would also require retirees to enroll in Medicare Part B when first eligible to keep their medical coverage through the postal service. The new Postal only plans would be required to maintain the standards and coverage of the current plans now managed by the FEHBP. 

     Both of these items are no surprise, they were included in past attempts to pass a new reform bill and Im sure that there are many other areas of possible reform that the committee will discuss. When that happens, I will keep you posted.

The complete outline is attached for your reading pleasure.


I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy,

Ted Gedeon

Draft Copy of proposed Postal Reform
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USPS FAIRNESS ACT INTRODUCEDinfo from www.unitedpma.org

The USPS Fairness Act (HR 695/S145) was introduced this week in the US House and US Senate. The bill repeals the requirement to prefund Postal Service health and retirement benefits as mandated under the PAEA of 2006. Last year, the House passed the USPS Fairness Act by a 309-106 vote. It never received a vote in the Senate. UPMA believes in repealing the prefunding requirement and continues to fight for reforms that will strengthen the USPS in the long term – while protecting Postmasters and Managers pay and benefits. All postal labor unions expressed their support for the change. To read more, www.unitedpma.org.


The following letter was sent by a number of members of the House to the leadership in the Senate and the House to make sure that there are provisions in the next stimulus bill to give some relief to the Postal Service.    



Daniel M. Heins

National President
United Postmasters and Managers of America

Letter to congress requesting Postal Support
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This a sample letter to contact your elected representatives:


Dear Congressman/woman_________

I’m a ______________in the United States Postal Service in CITY/STATE.  Everyday I’m working on the frontline to make sure the postal service continues to maintain one-time and consistent deliveries for customers who are quarantining and rely on mail for essential supplies like food and medicine.

Therefore, I’m urging you to support Rep. Joe Neguse’s (D-CO) Protect Our Post Offices Act which will provide much needed support for the postal service and all frontline postal workers like myself.
Rep. Neguse’s legislation will ensure that the postal service remains viable even with the rapidly decreasing mail volume.  It will also provide access to critical personal protective equipment to protect postal workers from the coronavirus outbreak.  I urge your support for this critical piece of legislation.


Thank you for your consideration.



you can find e-mail information for your representative at:



Introducing our UPMA Legislative Team
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Jordan Davenport


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