welcome to the OHIO Chapter UPMA The official hosts of the 2021 National Convention
             welcome to the OHIO Chapter UPMAThe official hosts of the 2021 National Convention 

OHIO UPMA is hosting the 2021 National UPMA Convention, August 11, 2021 - August 20, 2021

Lou Stuckey and I met with Gerri Swarm, Dan Heins, and Fran Brown on 12/9-12/10. It was a very productive meeting, and we were provided a lot of information. 

    The contract will be signed by 12/20/2019. The dates are 8/11/2021-8/20/2021. They really liked Kalahari, and loved the set up of the convention center. We came up with so many plans, and made so many decisions. In no particular order,  here are some items we want to share with all the Ohio Chapter. 
 *We switched up the Kalahari hospitality rooms, to the three bedrooms suites all on the 1st floor. We will have tents set up on the patios. 
 *Kalahari has their own security, no charge to National office. Unusual
 *Kalahari will try to run shuttles for lunch, and in the morning from main lobby to convention center.    This is not quarenteed yet. 

 *Possibility of revisiting states night on Monday night.

 *Free day will depend on how many bylaw activities. If National needsTuesday am session, they 

  will use it. Retirees could still have full days. We will know early 2021. 

 *National covers all audio for general session Monday through Thursday. 

 *We will be budgeted $20,000 for entertainment.

 *Wednesday night will be the retirees dance. Retirees pay for entertainment. (Plan to get away           from a bunch of dances. Looking at dueling pianos, karaoke, Jill's popular glass class, canvas         and wine painting. Will have a golf tournament. )

 *Save National a ton of money due to free wi-fi at Kalahari.


We will have Lake Erie Shores and Islands do a mailing for us in 2021. Pre authorization for incidentals $50 for all 7 days.  Plan 9 meals total.


Postmaster of Sandusky will do welcome to group. Need neat idea for opening ceremony and theme. Carousels, Rock and Roll, African, just thoughts. We need as many as possible in St. Louis. We will shadow and assist St Louis. We will have a table, sell 50/50's and raffle baskets. Any money we raise in St Louis goes to our chapter. We need ideas. What about another Safari animal hunt??? They loved that and it was not hard. 


1st night reservation will be charged to card, non refundable. Remote Satellite registration in the conference center. Attendees will not have to go to main lobby to register. We asked if the owner of Kalahari could be a speaker and share his story. Kalahari has room keys or wrist bands to get into room. You can also attach a credit card to the wristband or key card, and avoid carrying money. 

Zingle is a texting system that Kalahari has that notifies room quests when their room is ready, or any other communication. 


We will need 7 major chairs- all chairs must attend executive board meeting in November 2020

2 secure rooms for Credit unions. Ohio Chaplin, works with National Chaplin. We will send out videos to each state president highlighting Kalahari and LES&I's. Need to work on excursions, entertainment, transportation, and getting donations for our table in St. Louis. We need to get quotes from tour companies. Shuttle service to and from airport will be huge.

National does training and speakers.


Need a finance chair separate from Secretary/treasurer to handle only convention funds. Common to have a state assessment for the National Convention. They suggested $1.00-$1.50. This will need to be voted on at State Convention 2020. Need to create a logo, to include UPMA. Theme for different nights. State Website with be very valuable for information sharing.


In a brief summary, this is the basics. Discussion went quite a bit deeper, but we will cover that at a special meeting, hopefully in late January. That meeting is in the works. As information rolls out to us, we will share using this email group. If you know of anyone to add, please let us know. 

Questions or suggestions, please use email group. 


We've only just begun.....Executive board meeting at Kalahari November 2020.

Mari Beth 

Kalahari National Convention 2021
 Many members are inquiring about the progress with plans for the National Convention 2021, at Kalahari, in Sandusky.

The National Executive Board meets on 11/16/2019. Dan Heins, National President, and Gerri Swarm, will be traveling to Kalahari to meet with the Kalahari staff, and a few UPMA member, at  the beginning of December.

They will do a site tour, and sign the contract. Hopefully dates will then be set for 2021. Once we meet with them, we will have a better idea of where to start. We have already explored some ideas, and have received a lot of good suggestions, and ideas. Keep them coming, please. At this point, we are not sure what the State will be responsible for, and what the National office covers. 
As always, please watch the Ohio website at Ohioupma.com and the Postscripts for updated and further. We promise to keep them current throughout this planning.  
More Information to come……………………                       10/30/2019


Ohio has been awarded the 2021 National Convention to be held at Kalahari Resort

Thanks to the efforts of our E-Board and members attending the National convention for preparing skits and information, we were the successful bidders for the 2021 convention...

     Ohio brought it home today in Uncasville, Connecticut. We bid the UPMA National Convention 2021 to be held, at Kalahari in Sandusky,  Ohio. We competed against Orlando, Florida. We took it by a log shot. 464 to 1065! It is very exciting. 

     We want to thank everyone who participated in the bid. It was a lot of work but Ohio UPMA really came through. Special thanks to Fran Brown and her husband. Fran is the Senior Sales Manager at Kalahari. She and her husband Steve were there the entire convention and worked very hard to      help Ohio.

      Ohio has alot of work to do in preparing for this. Please reach out to Lou Stuckey at 419-215-2227, stuckey31@msn.com, or Mari Beth Kirkland at 440-821-4667, mari_kirkland@yahoo.com, to assist with Ohio National 2021. 

                                                      Way to go O-H-I-O                                               8/1/19

Ohio's presentation to the National Convention
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Watch the above video of our Ohio Chapter members' skit to win the opportunity to host the 2021 National Convention


Jordan Davenport


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