Your Ohio Chapter President Alan Metzgar at our Carreer seminars
Your Ohio Chapter President Alan Metzgar at our Carreer seminars


2023 EAS Pay Schedule

Friday Message 1/6/2023


HRSSC has cut PS-Form 50s effective 12/30/2022, making all Postmasters 18-22 and all Station Managers Special-Exempt with the reason code stating, "Per Deputy Postmaster General occupation code temporarily updated to FLSA Special Exempt when delivering mail."


UPMA is yet to hear "officially" about this change, but we have been in discussions on this since National Convention in August. We can say no more right now. I just want to say hang in there; more to come next week.



The Postal Service announced the new salary ranges for EAS, effective January 14th, 2023, that the Service will apply before any NPA adjustment for FY22. We are in continued discussions concerning this ongoing issue and are hopeful that the recent advances in salary and benefits will continue in the new year.


Edmund A Carley

National President

                                      open the following link for the pay schedule

2023 EAS pay schedule.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [558.8 KB]

Sortation and Delivery Centers

UPMA received a letter dated November 30th, 2022, regarding Sortation and Delivery Centers (S&DC) slated for February 2023 implementation.

     Currently, those sites are Woburn, MA, Utica, NY, Panama City and Gainsville, FL, and Bryan, TX.

     Incumbent Postmasters in spoke offices and their corresponding grades will remain unchanged in those sites and the Athens, GA S&DC group (already implemented). Under current PS Form 150 work rules, a vacant office may change no lower than a level 18, thereby saving the Postmaster position indefinitely. Further to conversations with PMG Dejoy and others,

    UPMA is happy to work with the USPS to “reimagine” the workload of these Postmasters to include additional Marketing/Sales/Community Outreach duties, to make those positions more valuable to the Service and thereby protect them further. UPMA believes it is time to complete the work already started on assessing the PS Form 150 for all installations while paying specific attention to the S&DC model.

Under current rules, no Postmaster position will be lost due to the implementation of the S&DC initiative.                                     11/30/2022

"...incumbent Postmasters in the spoke offices and their corresponding grades will remain unchanged...
...Postmaster positions in offices that will be designated as an S&DC will see an increase in work service credits ... and may result in immediate increase..."
Under current rules, no Postmaster position will be lost due to the implementation of the S&DC initiative.
"Together We Can"
Edmund A Carley
National President



2022 Field Unit Mitigation Reference Gui[...]
Microsoft Word document [35.4 KB]
2022 Field Unit Mitigation Process Overv[...]
Microsoft Power Point presentation [4.4 MB]



USPS published goals and metrics for the 2023 NPA on November 23rd. This is much better than FY22 when goals were not published until halfway through the year. Work now begins on FY24.


here are the shared mitigation dates. UPMA has asked for extended timelines, so please stay informed.    Either way, get your mitigation ready now if you think you qualify.
Unit Installation Head - Submissions in PES Saturday, November 12, 2022 Wednesday, November 16, 2022  
Lead PCES District Executive - Review, approve / disapprove Thursday, November 17, 2022 Sunday, November 20, 2022  
Unit Installation Head - If disapproved opportunity to resubmit 11/21/2022 11/24/2022  
Area HR Manager & Area MOS - Review, make recommendation 11/25/2022 11/28/2022  
Area VP - Approve / Disapprove 11/29/2022 12/5/2022  
HQ Stakeholder / NPA Team Validation & Response 12/6/2022 12/10/2022  
Mitigation NPA Posting Date Thursday, December 15, 2022  
Edmund A Carley
National President


The 2022 EAS Carrying Mail Survey:

Open the following file for additional information on the survey. Prepared by the UPMA to assist our members.

Adobe Acrobat document [745.6 KB]

2022 USPS Holiday preparations:

                   OPERATION SANTA    Please open the following powerpoint presentation

UPMA - OCT 13 - SANTA HOLIDAY[23173].pp[...]
Microsoft Power Point presentation [14.4 MB]

September 23, 2022                                                   UPMA has been discussing with Postal Headquarters EAS salaries, Pay For Performance, and NPA for many months. Today the long-awaited announcement that, effective September 24th, 2022, all non-bargaining employees will receive a 3% pay increase in their base (even if they are at the top of their scale) came out.
UPMA would like to thank PMG Louis DeJoy for listening to and acting on our concerns. I want to thank DPMG Doug Tulino personally; I know he was instrumental in getting this done and recognizing the hard work of UPMA members to complete the mission of the Postal Service.
This is an example of the great things that can happen when together we stay at the table, support the service where we can, and hold them accountable. UPMA can consult further to make the jobs we hold dear attractive so that we can hire and retain the best Postmasters, Supervisors, and Managers in the world.
This is a significant first step; we look forward to continued successes like this one this year and into the future.
Together We Can
Edmund A Carley
National President


The Postal Service intends to create Sorting and Delivery Centers (S&DC) as part of the PMG's 10 year plan "Delivering for America".


UPMA HQ received this official notification of the S&DCs initiative today.                      8/01/2022 Since May, UPMA has been discussing with the Postal Service to answer the many questions we have about the impact on service and Postmaster jobs with this part of the DFA plan. Unfortunately, there are few answers, and UPMA is very concerned about the implementation going forward. Look for more communication in the coming days and at our National Convention. I believe that Together We Can minimize the impact on Postmaster jobs and refine this (and other) initiatives that may lay ahead of the service if we all stay engaged and fully informed.
Edmund A Carley
National President
United Postmasters and Managers of America


Open the link below for the initial proposals

S&DC presentation, Facility proposals
SDC - DPMG Management Association Updat[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [3.3 MB]

CARRY-0VER LEAVE EXTENDED: copied                              5/3/22
Due to COVID pandemic, the annual leave carryover maximum for career non-bargaining employees is increased by 80 hours for FY2022. The maximum carryover for annual leave will be 640 hours. Also, as a reminder, the August 2021 pay decision modified the annual leave exchange program for FY2022 and FY2023 and increased the annual leave exchange by 40 hours. The maximum amount of annual leave that may be exchanged by career non-bargaining employees for those fiscal years is 168 hours. 


POSTAL REFORM - IT’S A LAW!!!  From David Cook, National Legislative Chair/Retired

On Wednesday, April 6, 2022, the President signed into law H.R. 3076, the “Postal Service Reform Act of 2022,” which establishes the Postal Service Health Benefits Program, repeals the prefunding requirement related to Postal retirement benefits, makes reforms to non-postal and postal services, among other things. Thank you to everyone for their efforts and persistence for many years. National President Edmund and National Executive Director/Past National President Dan Heins were personally invited to attend the signing to represent work of UPMA members. If you missed the proceedings on-line, it’s available for viewing in the C-Span Video Library. Here’s the link: President Biden Signs Postal Service Reform Act .


UPMAR Legislative Committee, Dave Cook, Chair

- The Postal Service reform legislation that President Biden signed into law on April 6 will involve changes to employees’ health and retirement benefits. USPS understands that employees have many questions, so here are a few things to know:


• The law establishes the Postal Service Health Benefits (PSHB) Program, which will provide health insurance to USPS career employees, retirees and their dependents, beginning Jan. 1, 2025.


• The PSHB program, to be administered by the U.S. Office of Personnel Management, will be structured similarly to the Federal Employees Health Benefits (FEHB) Program. The employer/employee cost-sharing contributions for premiums will be determined by the Postal Service’s collective bargaining and pay consultation processes.


• USPS employees and retirees can make their PSHB plan selections during the open season benefits enrollment period that occurs in November and December 2024.


• Beginning in January 2025, the new law will require all newly Medicare-eligible USPS annuitants and their Medicare-eligible covered family members to enroll in Medicare Part B to maintain their postal health coverage.


The Postal Service will provide employees and retirees with more detailed information about the PSHB program in the months to come.

EAS Performing Craft Work                                          02/22/2022

UPMA members dedicate themselves to completing the United States Postal Service mission. If the situation arises that mail will not get delivered any other way, UPMA members have stepped in many times. Unfortunately, over the last few years, our goodwill has now morphed into our managers expecting (and even demanding) EAS to perform craftwork on an almost daily basis. UPMA has addressed this with Postal HQ, and this is the official policy per Labor:
       “Non-bargaining unit employees may only be permitted to perform bargaining unit work in emergency situations (The exception is for level 18 post offices and Part-Time post offices where Postmasters can perform up to 15 hours of “clerk work”). Those emergency situations must be just that, an emergency.  The circumstance or circumstances must be unforeseen. If a facility, installation, or district is planning to schedule non-bargaining employee(s) to perform bargaining unit work, and since planning is not an unforeseen circumstance and not an emergency, it should be reported to District Labor Relations or Human Resources immediately and escalated.”
      This is official USPS policy; UPMA Chapter Presidents should cite it when challenging this across the country to district managers, labor relations, and HR, then escalate as necessary.
      Please copy your Area Coordinator and UPMA HQ on your use of this official postal policy to STOP the practice of utilizing EAS to deliver mail in violation of every postal craft contract.
      Thank you.
      Edmund A Carley , National President



Effective today, January 1 2022, the new salary schedules are effective for EAS and Part-Time Postmasters. The 2022 schedule, along with the 2021 schedule for comparison, is posted on our web-page at, click on Resources Tab, scroll down to Forms and Reference Materials. 


Jordan Davenport

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