UPMA National President Edmond Carly addressing the Ohio UPMA annual convention
UPMA National President Edmond Carly addressing the Ohio UPMA annual convention


The Postal Service intends to create Sorting and Delivery Centers (S&DC) as part of the PMG's 10 year plan "Delivering for America".


UPMA HQ received this official notification of the S&DCs initiative today.                      8/01/2022 Since May, UPMA has been discussing with the Postal Service to answer the many questions we have about the impact on service and Postmaster jobs with this part of the DFA plan. Unfortunately, there are few answers, and UPMA is very concerned about the implementation going forward. Look for more communication in the coming days and at our National Convention. I believe that Together We Can minimize the impact on Postmaster jobs and refine this (and other) initiatives that may lay ahead of the service if we all stay engaged and fully informed.
Edmund A Carley
National President
United Postmasters and Managers of America


Open the link below for the initial proposals

S&DC presentation, Facility proposals
SDC - DPMG Management Association Updat[...]
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Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Tony Cushingberry pleads guilty to second-degree murder of U.S. postal worker

INDIANAPOLIS – An Indianapolis man pleaded guilty to murder in the second degree of U.S. Postal Service letter carrier Angela Summers...open link below for full story...


Later this month U.S. District Court Judge Jane Magnus-Stinson will be overseeing the sentencing hearing for the young man who fatally wounded Indianapolis Letter Carrier Angela Summers on April 27, 2020. This event took a great toll on not just those in Indianpolis but employees and customers around the state and even the country. It was the worst day of my career. 
We have an opportunity to let our voices be heard. We need every employee who felt the impact of this tragedy to let the judge know.  By next Wednesday (8/10) please send letters to the address below. No number is too great. Please share this with all of your units and ask them to share with every employee ASAP. This could happen anywhere and with your support we can hopefully impress upon the judge how many lives this impacted and send a message that violence is not the way to resolve issues. I never want to see this happen again and the general public should know there can be very serious consequences when injuring or taking the life of a USPS employee. 
Let’s keep letters tactful, respectful and meaningful. 
Attn: Postal Inspector De St Jean
7188 Lakeview Parkway West Dr.
Indianapolis, IN


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PMG DEJOY’S VISION: Source USPS Retiree E-Newsletter 
    In his keynote address at this year’s National Postal Forum, Postmaster General Louis DeJoy shared his strategic vision for the future of the Postal Service. “We see a proud Postal Service organization, operating with precision, covering its costs and planning its future as the laws passed by Congress require us to,” DeJoy said during the May 16 presentation. “We see not only the most trusted organization, but the most used organization. And when you are the most used, you are thereby the most relevant and most needed organization in America.”
    DeJoy said he, the Postal Service management team and the USPS Board of Governors are not just focused on this year or next year, but are committed to establishing a positive trajectory for decades. DeJoy said the Postal Service’s vision for the future includes becoming the preferred delivery provider in the nation by delivering mail and packages to each American household and business six and seven days a week in a reliable and affordable manner; establishing easily accessible USPS retail centers in every community; and being a preferred employer with a stable and vibrant workforce with established career paths.


                                             National Swearing in Ceremony
Are you a UPMA member and a postmaster assigned to your post office after November 1, 2021?  Postmaster General Louis DeJoy will conduct a swearing-in ceremony at the UPMA National Convention in St. Louis on the morning of August 22nd.
If you would like to participate, please download and complete the attached form to register for one-day in St. Louis, no later than August 5.  If you have registered to attend the UPMA National Convention, you are all set.                                                                    5/9/22


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CARRY-0VER LEAVE EXTENDED: copied www.unitedpma.org                              5/3/22
Due to COVID pandemic, the annual leave carryover maximum for career non-bargaining employees is increased by 80 hours for FY2022. The maximum carryover for annual leave will be 640 hours. Also, as a reminder, the August 2021 pay decision modified the annual leave exchange program for FY2022 and FY2023 and increased the annual leave exchange by 40 hours. The maximum amount of annual leave that may be exchanged by career non-bargaining employees for those fiscal years is 168 hours. 


POSTAL REFORM - IT’S A LAW!!!  From David Cook, National Legislative Chair/Retired

On Wednesday, April 6, 2022, the President signed into law H.R. 3076, the “Postal Service Reform Act of 2022,” which establishes the Postal Service Health Benefits Program, repeals the prefunding requirement related to Postal retirement benefits, makes reforms to non-postal and postal services, among other things. Thank you to everyone for their efforts and persistence for many years. National President Edmund and National Executive Director/Past National President Dan Heins were personally invited to attend the signing to represent work of UPMA members. If you missed the proceedings on-line, it’s available for viewing in the C-Span Video Library. Here’s the link: President Biden Signs Postal Service Reform Act .


UPMAR Legislative Committee, Dave Cook, Chair

- The Postal Service reform legislation that President Biden signed into law on April 6 will involve changes to employees’ health and retirement benefits. USPS understands that employees have many questions, so here are a few things to know:


• The law establishes the Postal Service Health Benefits (PSHB) Program, which will provide health insurance to USPS career employees, retirees and their dependents, beginning Jan. 1, 2025.


• The PSHB program, to be administered by the U.S. Office of Personnel Management, will be structured similarly to the Federal Employees Health Benefits (FEHB) Program. The employer/employee cost-sharing contributions for premiums will be determined by the Postal Service’s collective bargaining and pay consultation processes.


• USPS employees and retirees can make their PSHB plan selections during the open season benefits enrollment period that occurs in November and December 2024.


• Beginning in January 2025, the new law will require all newly Medicare-eligible USPS annuitants and their Medicare-eligible covered family members to enroll in Medicare Part B to maintain their postal health coverage.


The Postal Service will provide employees and retirees with more detailed information about the PSHB program in the months to come.

EAS Performing Craft Work                                          02/22/2022

UPMA members dedicate themselves to completing the United States Postal Service mission. If the situation arises that mail will not get delivered any other way, UPMA members have stepped in many times. Unfortunately, over the last few years, our goodwill has now morphed into our managers expecting (and even demanding) EAS to perform craftwork on an almost daily basis. UPMA has addressed this with Postal HQ, and this is the official policy per Labor:
       “Non-bargaining unit employees may only be permitted to perform bargaining unit work in emergency situations (The exception is for level 18 post offices and Part-Time post offices where Postmasters can perform up to 15 hours of “clerk work”). Those emergency situations must be just that, an emergency.  The circumstance or circumstances must be unforeseen. If a facility, installation, or district is planning to schedule non-bargaining employee(s) to perform bargaining unit work, and since planning is not an unforeseen circumstance and not an emergency, it should be reported to District Labor Relations or Human Resources immediately and escalated.”
      This is official USPS policy; UPMA Chapter Presidents should cite it when challenging this across the country to district managers, labor relations, and HR, then escalate as necessary.
      Please copy your Area Coordinator and UPMA HQ on your use of this official postal policy to STOP the practice of utilizing EAS to deliver mail in violation of every postal craft contract.
      Thank you.
      Edmund A Carley , National President


Jan 7, 2022

SUBJECT: Tentative Agreement between United States Postal Service

and National Rural Letter Carriers Association

I am pleased to announce that the Postal Service has reached a tentative agreement with the National Rural Letter Carriers Association (NRLCA), for a new 36-month collective bargaining agreement. The Agreement is tentative until ratified by union membership, which could take up to ten weeks. Once ratified, the Agreement will expire May 20, 2024. The Agreement is the culmination of extensive negotiations over several months beginning in March 2021.


Effective today, January 1 2022, the new salary schedules are effective for EAS and Part-Time Postmasters. The 2022 schedule, along with the 2021 schedule for comparison, is posted on our web-page at www.unitedpma.org, click on Resources Tab, scroll down to Forms and Reference Materials. 


While the country is still reeling from news of the worst tornado in history, the citizens in impacted areas are still numb with shock of losing loved ones, homes, property, and memories of a lifetime. Please help get the word out to Postal employees who experienced loss or devastation that PERF can help with a $2,000 check to assist as needed while other sources, such as insurances etc, are being contacted. The forms are on the PERF website and can be scanned/emailed for an expedited payment. The application form can also be downloaded here: PERF Application Form. The PERF Executive Secretary is Jackie Cotton, contact information below:

Jackie Cotton

Postal Employees' Relief Fund

P.O. Box 41220

Fredericksburg, VA 22404-1220





Open the following file to read the "Ten Year Plan"

announced by PMG DeJoy.

USPS_Delivering For America__FINAL.pdf
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Jordan Davenport


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