Welcome to the Ohio Chapter of the United Postmasters and Managers of America.
       Welcome to the Ohio Chapter of the United Postmasters and Managers of America. 


Posted by Bob Levi on 02/12/18 - www.unitedpma.org

Today, President Donald Trump submitted his $4.4 trillion fiscal year 2019 budget to Congress. While the budget projects a 2027 budget deficit of $450 billion, it still slashes over $155 billion from benefits upon which active and retired postal and federal employee rely.

In part, the budget proposes to: 

*More than triple the retirement contributions of most postal and federal employees
*Change the FEHBP employer contribution rate to encourage beneficiaries to enroll in health plans deemed to be "high-performing" and "high-value"
*Eliminate the FERS COLA 
*Reduce CSRS COLA by 0.5 percent
*Abolish the FERS retirement supplement for federal and postal employees who retiree prior to Social Security eligibility
*Replace the current annuity calculation of the highest 3 salary-earning years with the highest 5; and
*Dramatically reduce the yield on the Thrift Savings Plan's G-Fund investments.


The budget also proposes unspecified reforms to the Postal Service that includes changing postal rate-setting, modifying the mail delivery schedule and using more efficient delivery methods. In addition, the budget assumes that postal employees and retirees will suffer the same benefit cuts as all active and retired federal employees. 
         The upcoming UPMA Legislative Summit will provide a crucial opportunity for UPMA members to voice opposition to these proposals that adversely impact UPMA members.

From National Co-President Sean Acord:

"H.R. 756 was introduced in the first part of the new Congress last year and showed great promise of moving forward. Even with the bill scoring favorably, it has been stuck in the House Ways and Means Committee. Our biggest concern is if the bill does not reach the floor by April, then mid-term elections will be all that is on the minds of our elected officials. The likelihood of anything passing after that will be greatly reduced and we will be back to square one next January. If for no other reason than this timline hanging over our heads, UPMA needs your presence on the Hill during our Legislative Summit, Feb.26. " 

PRC Finds Current Rate System Fails to Meet Objectives

and Proposes Alternative
Posted by Bob Levi on 12/02/17
On December 1, the Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC) concluded that the postage rate-setting system created in the 2006 Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act has failed to maintain the financial health of the USPS as intended in the law, has weakened the high quality service standards and has not increased pricing efficiency. In sum, the decade-old statutory postage rate regime has not met many of the the criteria outlined in the 2006 postal legislation. 

As a result, on December 1, the PRC proposed three changes in the way postage rates will be adjusted, in the future, to improve the USPS finances and operations. First, the PRC would grant the USPS 2 percent of rate authority per class of mail above the consumer price index (CPI) for each of the next 5 years. Additionally, the USPS would be provided up to 1 percent of rate authority per class of mail per year, contingent on the USPS meeting or exceeding specified efficiency and service standards. Second, the PRC would require a minimum rate increase of 2 percent for postal products that do not cover their attributable costs. And, third, the PRC would establish two rate adjustmen bands for work-share discounts "pass-throughs." 


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