Our Chapter Convention is July 18-19, at the Dawson Center in Columbus OHIO, We'd love to see you there. Thank you for your efforts during this difficult time. Deliveries matter, but so do you and your employees
                      Our Chapter Convention is July 18-19, at the Dawson          Center in Columbus OHIO, We'd love to see you there. Thank you for your efforts during this difficult time. Deliveries matter, but so do you and your employees 

Nominate an Ohio Chapter Member for our annual


"Henry Heyl - Retiree of the Year "



It is awarded annually at the Chapter State Convention. The award recognizes retired Postmasters for their accomplishments towards the goals of the Ohio Chapter .


open the following file and submit as directed. 




2020 Henry Heyl Retiree of the year.docx
Microsoft Word document [43.1 KB]

The 2019 Henry Heyl Retiree of the Year Award was presented to Lou Stuckey


Jordan Davenport


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