Welcome to the OHIO Chapter UPMA The official hosts of the 2021 National Convention 8/15/2021-8/19/2021
                     Welcome to the OHIO Chapter UPMAThe official hosts of the 2021 National Convention8/15/2021-8/19/2021

             UPMA 2020 Legislative Summit !                                           Feb 23-25, 2020

An Ohio Chapter report from the Summit

           More than 400 Postmasters and Retirees attended the 2020 Legislative Summit.

    There were 20 Postmasters and Retirees representing the Ohio Chapter in attendance.
           The 2020 Legislative Summit was held Sunday February 23- Wednesday February 26, 2020 in Washington DC on Capital Hill.  It started with check in on Sunday February 23, 2020 along with the States Area Meetings, Retiree Meeting, and the Bylaws which was held in the Potomac  Ballroom in the Residence Inn.
           On Monday February 24, 2020 The General Sessions were held in the Potomac Ballroom in the Residence inn.  The Sessions started with our Postmaster General Meghan Brennan, giving us an update on the happing’s with the Postal Service and the direction it was taking as far as the financials.  This is the last time for Megan to speak infront us as she is retiring.  They are in the process of finding a new postmaster General. The day went with other speakers within the organization just giving updates .

           Tuesday was a very busy day with all of the visits on Capital Hill with the House Representatives and Senators office that were being visited.  I believe we had almost all of the districts represented for the State of Ohio.  All of the session went well with promising results from all that were visited.
           This is a great way for our organization to be heard from both active and retirees.  We need more to be involved to even have a better showing on Capital Hill
Alan T. Metzcar
Vice President
Baltic 43804
Stone Creek 43840


The official 2020 UPMA Position Statement
2020 Position Paper.pdf
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Postmaster General

Meghan Brennan addressing

the 400 members of the UPMA at the 2020 Legislative Summit.  We are there to inform the members of Congress what the Postal Service needs from them. There is hope of  new legislation this year.


   Please open the link above to read the

              UPMA Position Papers.


Members of our Ohio Chapter have joined UPMA members converging on the nation's capital to lobby for universal postal services at every crossroad in America, fair treatment for postal employees and retirees, and congressional assistance to enable the Postal Service to move forward into the future. 


National President of the UPMA,

Daniel Heins

addresses the 2020 Legislative Summit.

notes from Linda Carter
Four hundred twenty (420) UPMA members arrived early to greet PMG Megan Brennan with a zealous, loud, and lasting welcome as she spoke informally to members, joining them in declaring that "The USPS matters to America!" After recognizing Retirees and Veterans, she publicly thanked UPMA National President Dan Heins for working with USPS leaders in the best interest of UPMA members and the USPS, especially with his input in NPA improvements. Other highlights of her discussion included:
- The USPS continues to be the most trusted private or personal company in America.
- Service standards remain at all-time high despite the challenges of postal managers.
- The Walmart delivery test in Central Florida resulted in 99.8% delivery rate.
- Goal to ensure USPS employees return home in same condition as they reported to work resulted in a 12% reduction in accidents.
- How we will finance the USPS in future has been challenge since 2007. Without major changes, we will run out of cash in 3-4 years.
- Many think we have been "crying wolf" for several years because we continue to provide exceptional service and the mail is still getting delivered. Need to stress urgency of congressional interaction to help define future. The USPS can have a bright future but legislation cannot keep our hands tired. Just let us do it!
- Other stakeholders also suffer, envelope makers, logistics, etc.
- Our strongest investments are our people and infrastructure.
- We are monopoly in "statue" only; we have competition in every area of our business.
- Ten year projection: mail will continue to decline, packages will continue to increase.
- We need to look at infrastructure. Re-purpose space, structural reform.
- We continue to deliver less mail to more addresses.
- The unwritten threshold of number of mail pieces to move to 5-day delivery may happen this year. There is currently no support on Hill to change number of delivery days.
- President Task Force did not recommend privatization. Previous thoughts on privatization have "evolved".  
- USPS continues annual assessment of Postplan Level 18s , but have not acted on results.
- Fleet of 13,000 "commercial off-the-shelf" vehicles have been approved.
- We respect and trust YOU as leaders and managers of USPS!






Lisa Koprivec,

Postmaster Holmesville OH 44633

meeting with our PM General

Megan Brennan

Retired Postmasters Sarah Kreitzer and Anita Rieger meet with Congressman Jim Jordan during the 2020 Legislative Summit.



FEBRUARY 23-25, 2020



FEBRUARY 23, 2020

2:00 – 5:00 p.m. Registration pick up
No on-site registration, please register in advance online 

7:30 p.m. UPMA By-Laws Meeting
Potomac Ballroom, Residence Inn

FEBRUARY 24, 2020
8:00 a.m. General Legislative Session
Potomac Ballroom, Residence Inn

12:00 – 1:30 p.m. Lunch on your own

1:30 – 5:00 p.m. General Legislative Session
Potomac Ballroom, Residence Inn


FEBRUARY 25, 2020
8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. UPMA Visits on Capitol Hill

4:30 – 6:00 p.m. UPMA Congressional Reception
Montpelier Room, Library of Congress, 
Madison Building

SOLD OUT!!! From Gerri Swarm
The room blocks for the UPMA Legislative Summit at the Renaissance Capital View Hotel and the Residence Inn are sold out. We don't have a block of rooms at the two hotels listed below, but folks may be able to get a government room rate and they are located very close to the Marriott properties.
Hyatt Regency
2799 Jefferson Davis Highway
Arlington VA  22202
Hampton Inn
2000 Jefferson Davis Highway
Arlington VA  22202



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