NEW UPMA MEMBERSHIP PROMOTION: from President Mandy/Dan Heins        4/25/22
    The UPMA National Executive Board has voted to offer a membership incentive for new EAS members when they join the organization. 
This membership promotion, which will run from April 1, 2022 through October 31, 2022, will allow new EAS members to join for one year with no dues being deducted from their paychecks until that one year has elapsed.

    In addition to the incentive for new members, the UPMA National Office will send the chapters $195 for each new EAS member to cover the revenue that they would have received for that one year of membership had the new member been paying dues.

I    It is the hope of the board that this promotion will be as successful as one’s that have been offered in the past so that UPMA can continue to serve its current and future members as the premier leadership organization among employees of the United States Postal Service.

Individuals wishing to join UPMA can do so by going to the UPMA national website, and click on the banner at the top of the page which says, “Join UPMA Today” and it will walk them through the process of signing up. Or, if you wish to join on the membership form, that is also available on the website.

If you have any questions on any membership related issues, feel free to contact the UPMA National Office at 703-683-9027 or sending an email to: Or you can call Dan on his cell phone:   507-438-2676. You can also reach out to any of the UPMA officers in your chapter, as well. Their contact information is available on the website.



All national UPMA leaders and chapter presidents are current USPS employees.
• National officers serve one term only
in their current positions.
• As an active member, you have the
privilege to vote and hold leadership
positions at all levels of the organization.
• A national website—unitedpma.
org—offering the latest information
regarding the organization, legislative
issues, online training videos and
Postal Service information that affects
your career.
• A national magazine and chapter
publications that contain information
important to you in your current position and will help you in your future
• Annual national and chapter conventions that offer training to help you be
• Members have access to our network
of Adverse Action member representatives. After you have been a member for one year, as an EAS employee,
you have the benefit of our Legal Defense Plan, if the need arises.
• You gain a network of Postmasters,
Managers, Supervisors and other EAS
professionals who can assist you in
your day-to-day duties and mentor
you for future opportunities.



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