Our Chapter Convention is July 18-19, at the Dawson Center in Columbus OHIO, We'd love to see you there. Thank you for your efforts during this difficult time. Deliveries matter, but so do you and your employees
                      Our Chapter Convention is July 18-19, at the Dawson          Center in Columbus OHIO, We'd love to see you there. Thank you for your efforts during this difficult time. Deliveries matter, but so do you and your employees 

United Postmasters and Managers of America exists to support our membership through communication, education and representation.

Friday Message

National President Dan Heins presents his weekly Friday message to the UPMA

Click on the link below for the latest weekly Friday message. As always I encourage all of you to stay safe and make sure you are taking care of yourself!!

    Message from the                   President

                  Daniel M. Heins                                       National President                                 United Postmasters and                             Managers of America

Open the link to view the monthly message from our UPMA National President.

Last week, the State of Virginia, has ordered the UPMA National Office to close. Our National President, Dan Heins, has stated that he will be working from home, and getting the mail daily from the National office. Emails and phone calls will be answered. He did ask us to use the electronic 1187's to sign up new members. 


There are 191 countries that make up the Universal Postal Service.

The USPS delivers 40% of the worlds mail.

We are the most efficient.

We are the most trusted.



Jordan Davenport


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