Welcome to the Ohio Chapter of the UPMA. United Postmasters and Managers of America exists to support our membership through communication, education and representation.
Welcome to the Ohio Chapter of the UPMA. United Postmasters and Managers of America exists to support our membership through communication, education and representation.  


President Debra Justic accepted the award for:

"Highest Total Contributions" to PAC

at the Legislative Summit February 26, 2018

We successfully raised $3405 for PAC

at our 2017 Chapter convention. 

There are many ways to donate to PAC.   It's very easy. 

                          Catie Heidkamp-Ohio PAC 

 UPMA PAC has established an innovative and convenient way to support members of Congress and congressional candidates who support legislative issues that impact UPMA members. It’s easy to participate through our automated system, an individual PAC contributor may make a contribution from his or her monthly annuity, using his or her Civil Service Administration (CSA) number. It’s as easy as making a phone call and following the prompts:
     • Payroll Withholding through the Postal Service's         

     • Annuity Withholding (CSRS or FERS) though the Office of

                    Personnel Management
     • Monthly or Biweekly Signature Federal Credit Union

                    allotment (for those with Signature FCU account)
     • Monthly charge to personal credit card 


See the LINKS below to make your contribution to PAC


If you have questions please email me at:                             


                  or call me at  480-399-0616. 

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