Adverse Action-Legal Defense Plan

The United Postmasters and Managers of America (UPMA) is committed to representing the membership in all areas, including adverse actions. The Adverse Action Legal Defense Fund (AALDF) and the Adverse Action Legal Defense Plan (AALDP) were established for the membership to provide representation to active UPMA members in appealing adverse actions taken against them. Postmasters and Managers receiving notice of an adverse action (defined in ELM Section 651.71) should immediately contact a UPMA National Adverse Action Member Representative (see a list at The Postmaster or Manager will sign a “Designation-of-Representation-form” and transmit it to the UPMA National Member Representative. The Member Representative will assist the Member in making a verbal reply to the charges, pursuant to ELM 651.74, and will begin coordination of the defense with the UPMA Legal Defense attorney. Generally, the UPMA legal defense attorney does not become actively involved until a decision letter is issued pursuant to ELM 651.75.



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